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 Trabocchi mechanizes these components from round bars of 71 millimeters of 6061 aluminum profile, the hub housings undergo four different machining processes before it is finished. As a result, a polished double polished machining, subjected to a bright red anodizing process, with a fifth machining on each side of the polished gloss housing. Openwork shafts at each end 30mm deep, 6 step bolt1 (thread) X25mm long, 5mm Allen head. Front: flange diameter 70 mm opening between tips 100mm. Rear flange diameter 70 mm, opening between sheaths 120mm, threaded free pinion diameter 35mm x24 TPI, threaded diameter fixed pinion 35mm- in inches 1,375 x 24 TPI. Thread diameter pinions 14 o15 free teeth 30 millimeters x 26 TPI